• Built and designed social network from scratch.

• Became a top 125 food and drink app in 50 countries featured on the TODAY Show and ABC News.

• Financed in part by a $25k Kickstarter campaign and by winning $10k at a Google pitch event.

• Built user base from nothing to 60k+ active users with a database of one million drinks.
Smalltalk SMS Commerce

• Consulted with five eCommerce businesses to develop and empower mobile messaging.

• Acquired another technology startup to serve the B2B market.
Drinkeasy SMS Commerce

• Founded tech startup responsible for creating several new products in mobile and AI-enhanced consumer conversational commerce.

• Created AI-enhanced chatbot personal shopping assistant for SMS.

• One of ten companies to receive Techstars funding out of 2,000+ applicants, investors also included Anheuser-Busch and Don Katz CEO of Audible.
Product Hunt NYC

• Established and grew a local Meetup group for tech developers, designers and product managers to over 2,000 members.

• Approached and booked 50+ speakers from the tech industry such as Spotify, Uber and Facebook to share their expertise.

• Led 16 meetings and continue to assist in organizing successful tech networking and educational events.
East Village Digital

• Provided digital strategy, marketing, design and social media service to clients such as Touch Lab, HeTexted and the American Red Cross.

• Recruited and managed a team of 12 part-time marketers, designers and writers.

• Collaborated with clients to identify and prepare key campaigns and communications.
Drinkeasy for iPhone

• Prospected, signed and managed national partnerships with six liquor retail chains.

• Generated over $0.5 million in sales through more than 2 million text messages.

• Replicated the service for Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa.

• Featured in Business Insider and the Wall Street Journal.
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