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Hey there! I'm Harry.




I’m a product guy with a passion for storytelling, emerging technology, and community-building. I also enjoy a good cocktail. 

I'm a proud Jersey boy living in the East Village. After studying political science and english at Colgate University, I fell in love with technology.

I'm Director of Product at SimpleBet, I co-founded Swig Labs (Techstars '17), created Drinkeasy, and organize a meetup called Product Hunt NYC

Products I've built were featured on the Today Show, Business Insider and Wall Street Journal. That made mom proud. 

  • Graduated from Techstars '17

  • M.I.T. published my research paper on the value of MLB free agents.

  • I'm an Ecuadorean Jew. So New York.

  • I started a business that was venture-backed by world's largest brewer. 

  • I was Managing Editor of the oldest college newspaper in the country.

  • My basketball teammates call me "Hustle Harry." 

Contact me - 

raymond.harry [at]

text me 973-902-2134

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